Tuesday 5/24 and Wednesday 5/25 (7th Grade Science Final)

No Journal.

Today we dissected earthworms using this student checklist. There is no makeup available for the lab unless you've discussed your absence with me beforehand.

Then I collected your late and hall passes for term 4 extra credit. I won't accept them at any other time. With any time left over, I called you up one at a time to go over your final grade for term 4 with you and signed your checkout form for the school year.

It's been a pleasure! Good luck this summer and in 8th grade!

Thursday 5/19


Define the following terms:  anterior, posterior, dorsal, and ventral.

We finished the pre-lab questions (USE THIS URL FOR THE VIRTUAL DISSECTION INSTEAD OF THE ONE ON THE PRE-LAB QUESTIONS PACKET) for your earthworm dissection today, then watched this video to review some dissection techniques.

Then we took a quiz using this powerpoint and this response sheet. (have a parent administer the quiz for you using the powerpoint while you write in your responses on the response sheet).

HW:  study pre-lab material for your final next week (Tuesday or Wednesday); all earthworm dissection pre-lab material plus your late and hall passes are due the day of the final.

Wednesday 5/18


Give 2 examples of an organism with the following types of symmetry:  bilateral, radial, and no symmetry.

Today I collected Discovering Symmetry assignment and checked off your animal phyla map (see Monday and Tuesday's posts for the links to the animal phyla assignment).

Then we took the animal phyla mastery quiz. Please see me to make that up if you missed class.

Then we used the remainder of the class to start your pre-lab questions for the earthworm dissection. USE THIS URL FOR THE VIRTUAL DISSECTION INSTEAD OF THE ONE ON THE PRE-LAB QUESTIONS PACKET. We'll finish and take a quiz on that material tomorrow.

HW:  none

Tuesday 5/17


1. List as many of the 9 major animal phyla from memory as you can (then check your notes for help).
2. Give an example of an organism from each phylum and a likely habitat.

We continued working on the animal phyla mapping assignment today in class using this template and this handout. It will be due at the beginning of class tomorrow, so anything you didn't finish in class is homework.

I also handed out a worksheet to practice symmetry. That is homework as well.

HW:  Anything left of phlya mapping assignment, and Discovering Symmetry
Reminder:  Mastery Quiz on animal phyla (make sure you know the examples for each animal phylum from your handout) is tomorrow Wednesday 5/18

Monday 5/16


  1. Name and explain 6 life processes animals undergo besides those of all other living things.
  2. What groups of animals do you know of?

Today we worked on mapping out 9 major animal phyla using this template as a guide and this handout for the information to fill in your web.

HW:  None

Friday 5/13

Journal:  Teach your neighbor the objectives from the classification I can statements (extra credit if you get all the objectives initialed by someone else and turn them in by Monday)

Today I collected your zoology vocab, then we took notes on zoology basics using this powerpoint.

HW:  Classification unit extra credit (I can statements signed) due Monday

Thursday 5/12

No journal today.

We took our classification mastery quiz today. If you missed class, please come see me right away.

I handed out the zoology I can statements. Homework is to define all 15 "science language students should use" words on the back.

HW:  zoology vocab DUE TOMORROW 5/13